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Everything with these stones was RESISTANCE!


How obvious the voice of Kali was screaming within them.


It wasn’t until I cut these stones from their cord (whoaaaa! Energétics at play!) and sat, looking at them individually that my mind and heart started to fill with absolute LOVE and Appreciation.


Kali, full of Divine Feminine energy, who knows her capabilities and powers, whose Force rises when her Power is underestimated, blocks are placed in her path, or when her beauty and essence goes unrecognized or under appreciated.


Inner tension, inner fire, has a capacity to move us beyond fear, to uncover our strengths and fuel us to take action.


Kali—> The Goddess of Rage & Resistance, but who rises through passionate Love, to TRUTH, absolute self love and self compassion and with utter BELIEF in your purposes and power!


I overlooked the power of these stones, and once I surrendered and shifted my perspective, I’ve obsessed with their beauty!!!


~Love & saucy passion!~


She’s waiting for her firey, loving, passionate match!


  • Red aura quartz

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