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One of the reasons Crystal Channels was created was to make beautiful energetic crystals wearable!


Who has ever wished they could take their favourite crystals from their alter, shelf, back pocket or window ledge and don them emphatically!? Their energy can impact the way we FEEL, there’s no doubt! Matter=Energy (I know it’s the other way around, but truly it’s one and the same!) Energy is matter, matter is energy!


I recently made my Mom a pair of raw amethyst earrings like this for her birthday because she doesn’t wear chunky jewellery or hoops...and I thought!


“Make these delicious and powerful crystals wearable!”

Here is another take on earrings, a little more natural, still showcasing them in their raw & real form!


Still perfect for the mystic goddess.


This series of earrings is for those who just REALLY want to make their favourite stones wearable!


These are some delicious drop earrings made with silver ore.

The energy is the flowing feminine. Think dreamy currents that ebb and flow; yin, cool, calming, the silver light of the MOON.


La Luna

  • Silver Ore

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