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Goddess of Perfection mythology points out, most Gods & Goddesses are seriously flawed.


The truth of it all is nothing is perfect. That is what it is to be human, both human and divine...the beautiful balance of ALWAYS perfect in our flaws.


As it’s been spoken, it is through the cracks that the light shines in.

It is through your scars and imperfections that you find your strength.

The addiction to be perfect, or to hide your shadows, or to constantly please others negates your ABSOLUTE WORTH.


So, Teles speaks through these stones. Look closely at all the ‘flaws’ of these crystals. The rawness, the ridges, the bumps, the imbalance. Can you see the perfect imperfection?!


These crystals are some of my favourite, the coding that comes through in the unique ridges is mind blowing.

(Seriously, zoom in!)


There is potent energy within this piece.


Teles calls to the Queen who stands fully in her story! In her Worth! In her Strength!


  • gold titanium quartz, rainbow aura quartz

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