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As a Sex Educator, my mission is to hold safe & supportive space for women to reconnect with their bodies, and in doing so, reconnect with their beauty, power and pleasure.

Sex has been a taboo, an unspoken subject in our culture for far too long.  

By holding safe and compassionate space for the subject, we can begin to establish a deeper way of living, a deeper way of being, both in your own body, but also with those in relationship to you.

By moving from discomfort to comfort, making the unmentionable mentionable we establish intimacy in our lives.

Intimacy feels like a profound ingredient in a happy, healthy, joyful life--something that our culture has not been cultivating.

You can make the choice to change TODAY.

This session is about accessing your inner Queen.  Finding your turn on, literally turning on to the fierce, 

fiery woman you came here to be.

In this session, the space is set to connect with sacred experience of sitting in community, of sisterhood (something that has often been mired in toxic traits like competition and comparison).

We also explore sexuality at a new depth, beyond the more superficial experience we have had where

it's JUST exciting, pleasurable and fun


And we recognize and focus on how it's also (and most importantly) natural, beautiful, expressive, intimate and ultimately for your health.  

The pleasure gets to be the cherry on top.

Wednesday, December 14th/3:00-5:00PM EST/ 9 am NZT/ 8 pm UK

Itinerary for the evening:

*Opening circle

*The female erogenous zones

*Orgasms are for your health first

*Erotic Profiles & personal desires

*We will explore the many different sex/wellness toys there are, how to find the right one for you

*Community conversation about conditioning and beliefs around 'sex toys'

*How sex toys can expand your relationship to self and with your partner

*Closing Circle

Still wondering whether this is for you?

If you have ever experienced:

*uncomfortable PMS

*menstrual pain

*abnormal spotting

*any reproductive health issues like: endometriosis, PCOS, abnormal pap smears

*any shame or embarrassment around your vulva, yoni, or reproductive health & hygiene

This is for you.

It's time to stop 🛑 suffering

stop 🛑 tolerating

stop 🛑 accepting 

the discomfort


and use it to reclaim your health & vitality.


Meg specializes in working with women from who are called to reconnect with the work of the Divine Feminine.  She supports women to activate their Inner Queen, through the exploration and embodiment of Pleasure Codes.  Meg's work is bringing feminine focused sex education to communities of women, which reignites their power, creativity and worthiness.


Meg is a certified Holistic Life & Business Coach through the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy.  In her work, women are guided through the teachings of sacred sexuality as a means to access their astral wisdom and divine guidance through spirit.  Women are a channel of the Goddess, accessed through the womb connection.

She is currently completing her Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner training with By The Moon Doula School.

In the past two years, she has worked with hundreds of women, in person and online from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the US and Canada.  She has witnessed this massive wave of empowered women stepping into such powerful, creative expressions of their TRUTH.

Meg taught Grade's 3-6 for 7 years as an Elementary teacher in the Western Quebec School Board before coming to teach Primary in Ontario for 2 years.  She resigned her position to follow her mission and focus on bringing feminine focused sex education to her communities.  Part of her mission is to see that her two daughters, our young maidens, grow up with the wisdom and knowledge that was missing for her generation.

I am so called to be here.

$67 USD

I am so excited to offer this event at a steal, usually

 $288 USD for individual pricing!

*post registration watch for the Zoom link in your inbox

What others are saying:

“I feel like that depth of space you held for me, that was dense and heavy for me to go into, but it so needs to be recognized, the depth at which you helped me.  It was really huge, and I deeply appreciate it.  The depth, grace and generosity of your gifting at the moment.  I didn’t realize it was so intense but I feel so much lifting and unlocking out of it.”  ~Jessica, NZ

“Thank you, and I’m so excited about the future.  Regardless of what happens because now my nervous system is settled, all the insights and through the learning I'm not letting that conditioned voice tell me lies anymore!”  ~Claire, NZ

“This journeying and honouring together, it’s just so surreal.  Ah, goosebumps all over my body. I love how deep, and genuine, and authentic and divine and just TRUE that we can be with one another.  I’m just so appreciative, and grateful.  All of the feels.” -Josephine, NZ

"I loved yesterdays class! So much information was truly enlightening and empowering to receive...I see the language drawing tension, which I feel is my unspoken frustrations and my restricted upbringing around sexuality and the shame and taboo-ness of it.  Interesting how our bodies are constantly whispering to us!" ~Jane, NZ

"I'd been relentlessly, tirelessly exhausted searching for the understanding of what is "the more" of myself, and what my soul purpose truly was, why I'm here...with Meg, it's freed me.  To align with my being female, where it places me in my culture on the South Island of NZ, with currency, a sense of equality...this was the vehicle I have needed to sense and feel into, release, and create a different outcome!  I now get to choose." ~ Jess, NZ



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