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Meg Williams

Sacred Pleasure & Embodiment Coach

Honesty, Integrity & Grace.  


My teachings embody the spirit of the Priestess, which represents Freedom, Movement & Self-Discovery....and obviously, always with plenty of Laughter!  She is the embodied expression of ancient wisdom, and the woman who creates from her pleasure.

I specialize in the feminine teachings of the Mary Magdalene lineage.

My other qualifications include Sacred Sexuality, Pleasure Coaching with Regena Thomashaur's New York School of Womanly Arts, along with  Level 1 Qi Gong, Healing Touch,  Quantum Flow Method (with Juan Pa Barahona).  My post secondary qualifications are in Psychology and Education (see more in depth details of my background here).

My most potent and transformative teachings have been from Spirit, the pleasure codes that I've uncovered working with Mary Magdalene, and this is what I teach to other women.  How to use your pleasure to expand your channel and allow the wisdom of the gods and goddesses to move in and through you.


Why am I worthy of this position?!  I've done it myself.  Having resigned my professional teaching position, where I had a promise of comfort and safety, I bit the bullet, and made a FAITH LED DECISION to follow my heart and walk into the UNKNOWN!


The proof is in the pudding, and I feel evidence to date that if we were each to look at the successes in our lives so far, we can all say the Universe always HAS our back.  

Working with YOU, I guide you through potent personal practice, while you elevate to new levels of your highest vibration and you rise to the highest expression of your most abundant, juicy, turned on self.

Thank you Meg for the tools you've provided!  I am using them often and will continue long term.  I have even started doing some with my kids and husband!  You have touched our entire household.

- Marcie, ON, Canada


Meg's expression of knowledge is soul speech.  It feels like Meg draws from the same source as many of our great mentors, and the taste is one of upliftment and unfoldment into our greater good.  

- Jason, Colorado, USA

I am excited to have a manifesting dreamer coach me on my visions!

- Rebecca, ON, Canada

Ontario, Canada | Homer, Alaska | Uvita, Costa Rica

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