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A Call to You, Sister


This is the sacred siren call.  You are here to walk the path of the Divine Feminine; to answer the call to align with your ancient wisdom, passed through the lineage of your ancestors, of the Goddess, the Priestess, as the women who are called to unveil the Truth.  The call to escape a conventional society, and create the one that fulfills the deep knowing of purpose, of expressing a message, of living the vision founded on TRUTH.  

And this call is the reason you are THIS lifetime, reading these words, right now.



This is for you, Sister .  There is a calling that you feel coming from deep within.  

The ancient Scriptures stored in your blood, your bones that are being activated NOW.  Take a look at what is happening in the world now.  Within you, there is a rich reservoir, a longing, a craving for something sacred, for a richness, a depth of being that you long for.  There is a frequency that we, as Kings and Queens, are meant to connect on, and Sister, it's your responsibility to lead us there.  Only you hold the keys, the codes, the visions, the channel, the answers to build this into our world...a world that is starving for it.

These stories, these practices and RITUALS have been told by fireside, through the Mystery Schools, and have been buried --hidden and missing--in sacred scripts for millennia.

Like a tidal wave, probably like what you feel crashing within you now, they have been waiting for the right time to resurface.  A prophecy says that Mary Magdalene, the female Christ Consciousness, when she is remembered, our world will see Heaven on Earth.


So what a mission you have now.  

Knowing it is in your hands to bring this to the masses.  

So that we, as a Sisterhood, so that YOU, as an empowered Priestess,

can change the world we in live in.


 You are here to change the way we, our culture, chooses to live.

Who is this for?

The women who:

* feel it deeply in their body that they are of the Magdalene & Isis lineage.

 *get flashbacks of remembrance of a lifetime in the Egyptian Temples.

* are here to Lead the Divine Feminine Teachings, Practices & Rituals

*are Water PriestessesPriestesses of the HeartPleasure PriestessesHigh Priestesses

*are Healers, and Spiritual Energetic teachers

*feel deeply

*love deeply

*are generally outcasts, disruptors, living outside the boundaries of normal

*are visionaries & potent psychic channels

*have had this lifelong longing to find 'their people'

Are you here with a devotion to your TRUTH? 

The Magdalene's are here to take all that has been cringeworthy in our culture; sex, spirituality, intimacy, deep connection, and restore its beauty.  The Magdalene's are here to flip the script, and restore all that is sacred (from all the places the Goddess has been defiled).  What a mission.

It requires a woman with strength, for you are plunging into the most powerful force, the patriarchy.  But with love, and devotion, and the most sacred beauty, you are here to infiltrate this sacred frequency, entering as  a thread of the richest, most incredibly powerful frequency straight into the cesspool of devastation.

From the inside out, you are here to transform the world we live in.


These 13 weeks we explore the Mystery teachings of the Priestess Mary Magdalene,

from the Left Hand Path of the Divine Feminine:

What you will gain is a priceless return to your roots.  You are here to step into your Priestess.



Sacred music,


ceremonial living,

temple dance,

herbal alchemy,

sacred anointing,

water baptism,

lustral ritual,



sacred sex scripts,

and sexual alchemy.



A 13-week Priestess Initiation

Week 1: Establishing Ritual & Invocation of    
            the Goddess & Mary Magdalene

Week 2: The Water Priestess

Week 3: Anointing Rituals

Week 4: Sex as a Sacred Practice

Week 5: Sacred Sex Scripts

Week 6: Orgasmic Manifestation

Week 7: Trance Dancing

Week 8: Orgasmic Dancing

Week 9:  Anchoring Pleasure through Sensual Touch

Week 10: The Rose Bath

Week 11: The Sacred Blood Bath

Week 12: Vocal Toning & Sacred Cries of the Goddess

Week 13:  Pussy Prayer



Testimonial from the globally renowned Psychic Human Design Coach, Victoria Bond.



Victoria and I were led to each other by Mary Magdalene, both connecting with Mary in our work.  Another example of how our intuition and connection to the Divine leads us home to soul family.  

Victoria has worked with me in two programs, and is such a close sister to my heart.

She says, "your programs feel like home. I can't wait to dive into all your other programs. Your coaching is f***ing gold. Your words are absolute gold, magical and activating.  When you speak, I fucking listen!  Working with you is so next level."


What to Expect


Over 13 weeks:

*3 Sacred Mary Magdalene Foundational Ritual Activations 


*10 Channeled Temple Priestess Rituals

*an Accountability Group to support you through your expansion

*24/7 Global Connection Line to the most powerful and supportive Sisterhoo

*A surprise Priestess ritual kit

*A forever connection to potent Sisters & Soul Family

Aletheia, or “truth,” ...suggests an unveiling. It means “awakening,” literally “coming out of lethe” or the forgetfulness and lethargy in which we live most of the time.

-Jean Yves Leloup

If you feel the call, the quickening of the remembrance, the magnetic energetic pull to return to the ways of our past, that feel like they're calling to be here now.  To realign with your Divinity, to connect to the teachings of Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Inanna, then this is it.

Join me while you remember 10 of the Sacred Pleasure Practices passed through transmissions from Mary Magdalene

*Sacred Pleasure

*Sacred Sexuality

*Sacred Blood Magic

*Water Priestess 

*Priestess of the Heart

Full Price

$3800 USD


6 x monthly payments $675 USD


Zoe, Massage Therapist
-NB, Canada

"Just saying, this program... has led to deeper more fulfilling conversations and connection with my husband than I've EVER had.  And I'm a DEEP conversation haver in general.  So much gratitude for Meg right now, and all the gracious women (in the group) sharing, witnessing and participating so openly."


Stacey, Entrepreneur
ON, Canada

"Meg is one of the most amazing mentors that I've had the chance to work with. She takes the extra time (even outside the course) to make sure we are doing the work. I am so grateful for Meg coming into my life so randomly. I cannot recommend Meg enough. She is genuine, down to earth and has the ability and strength of a leader. "


-Emma, Artist/Vocalist
United Kingdom

"When Meg came into my life I had been doing deep work for a long time and was reaching a point where I could really use some assistance. I am SO glad that I decided to jump aboard with the (program). It has assisted my growth in unimaginable ways and helped me to fine tune areas I didn't even realise were in need of attention! The sacred sexuality practices have been so beneficial and are aiding me so much on my journey to a more full sense of self love. I would highly recommend Meg's courses "


Corrie, Fruitful Embodiment Coach
New Zealand

"Meg holds such divine sacred space to feel safe, held and witnessed. I loved all the potent truth she bought into my field and found my own journey to be very deep during this container. I'd highly recommend this to any woman and I feel it is something that all women deserve to venture through. Thanks Meg for this juicy delicious journey."

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