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Are you struggling? Do you feel like you are up, but then all of a sudden, you are down again?

Are you frustrated by circumstances?


Wondering what you are doing with your life?

Do you find yourself searching for your PURPOSE?

Do you desire Balance? Stability? Freedom?

Feel like you need support & connection NOW, more than ever?

BACK TO BASICS, with Hayley & Meg, is here to support you!

💫 Receive 6 weeks of positive mindset strategies.

💫 Begin to break those negative patterns that keep pulling you back down!

💫 Enjoy 6 weeks of support to begin re-writing new patterns.

💫 Find yourself surrounded by COMMUNITY who GET what you are going through!

This container is here to support you as you navigate your Growth and anchor in your Sovereignty!



Back to Basics

6-weeks outline

Week 1      Breathwork

Week 2      Affirmations

Week 3      Self-Belief

Week 4     Inspired Action

Week 5      Calm

Week 6      Self-Care

Hayley & Meg have experienced first hand what it means to maintain a consistent practice.  

Life continuously dances between chaos & bliss.

To effectively engage in the dance, it's not only important to have a solid toolbox, but to have SIMPLE tools to turn to.








*weekly self-love practices




*JOURNALING prompts to guide your growth


*Closing Circle


Hayley Markwell is a Boss Babe who is passionately building her empire.

She guides meditations, Quantum Release, Breathwork and has busted forth a hot little Dried Floral arrangement biz!


She is a successful top 1% earner in her legal cannabis business and in just 5 months has built over 25 K in the Cryptocurrency world.  When soul aligns with passion...the Universe responds in magical ways.

Hayley's deepest desire is to help others bring back their full LUSTRE for life.  She recalls all to well those days when life felt like the top of then world...and then somehow it SEEMS like it's all lost.

But there really is no secret.  It's there within you all the just have to choose to LIVE it.

Hayley is a force to be reckoned with, and she's here to share her wisdom!  You can have it all too!

Are you ready to help you come back to the basics? Hayley is here to help you build your toolkit to live your best life!

Are you ready for CALM, JOY & CONFIDENCE?


Meg Williams is a Soulpreneur, Sacred Sex Priestess of the Sophia Codes, Energy Healer, Quantum Flow Practitioner and Yin Yogi


Meg has gone through deep transformation and healed a marriage on the rocks, deepened her practice in Sacred Union and made over 100k in 5x months by ACTIVATING her CODES of Divinity within! 


A woman on a path to creating an empire of deliciousness for her community and family!


Meg Williams is the Creator of the powerful 6x week Activation course Worthy, designed with Sacred Sexual Scripts at it's Core Essence, supporting many women through pleasure blocks to Embrace their Worthiness in life and enjoy your life at it's richest!

Meg is ready to bring your back to basics!


Are you ready for PLEASURE, BLISS, AND PEACE?!


Opening May 10th

Sign me up now!

Early Bird


till May 5th


Full Program Investment


Sliding Scale Option



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