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The history of the Goddess has been wiped from our culture; the history of the Goddess, the Priestess, the Queen, the Sacred Prostitute, the Holy Whore, the Courtesan

There was a time when Mother's would pass down the wisdom of pleasure, the honour of the feminine, to their daughters.  

In our time here, this has been deeply lost, inverted so that a woman would rather betray or abandon another Goddess before celebrate her.  

Who is she?

She came from a time when Whore referred to "the pure and immaculate ones."  Women with "wombs of light", with these awakened wombs—harnessing a magical, creative and cosmic kundalini power.  They were celebrated.

In times when marriages were made for political or financial reasons alone, partners living loveless union, and these women, could lull the souls of men with their beauty, with their touch.  Women who could bring 'heart' into the world, love and pleasure.

The priestess, who was trained in ritual.  Women who knew how to reach heaven with their pleasure.  Men, these wise Kings, would desire her magic, knowing she could bring him closer to Heaven, she could bring him to the divine.

Courtesans, women of the 'coeur', of heart.  Or 'court', women who could bring joy, pleasure, flirtation and fun to the esteemed men of their world.

Where 'whoring' (literally in BIBLICAL sense) referred to people who return to worshipping the ancient goddesses and her ‘holy whore’ oracles.

Eras where Sinners referred to women who lived by the moon, women who journeyed with the cycles of the moon, who celebrated their menstruation as a time of deep wisdom and insight.

Times when people, during periods of societal repression, joined together in counter culture, a fringe society, as nomads, as gypsies, so they could live together in celebration.  Sharing stories by the fire, dancing, practicing the priestess teachings of the great Mystery Schools, of the temples that their culture was (in another place, at that same time), demanding be burned to the ground.  

They chose to find a way.

They chose to find their community.

To live their truth.  To stand in their integrity.

And oh Goddess, does your bones, your blood, remember that feeling?!


Elegant Title

If this stirs up a remembrance, a truth of something deep inside you

This program is a guide home to that source, to that woman, that Goddess.

If you feel you are here with a mission, and part of that mission is choosing to walk a path different than the one you were perhaps 'born' into

Over this 8 weeks, you will be re-connected with this deep, cellular, ancestral lineage, and guided to Embody the wisdom of the feminine.


This 8 weeks will anchor any Goddess into her power, so that she can walk through her days leading with love, seeing every situation in beauty, navigating life with grace.

It is for every woman who is ready to feel fiery, saucy, sassy, HOT, just seriously wet for life!

Guiltlessly, shamelessly, FREE


8-week Feminine Arts Curriculum:


Week 1: Establishing Desire

Week 2: Reclaiming Play 

Week 3: Purposeful Pleasure 

Week 4: Finding Your Inner Flirt

Week 5: Loving Yourself Completely

Week 6: Celebrating Your Dark Femme

Week 7: Owning Your Authority

Week 8: Attracting Your Innate Abundance


 Full price: $2222 USD Early Bird: $1300 For YOU guys only. $1111 USD OR Sisterhood Special (2 for 1- you AND a sister/work wifey/bestie for $1111)

It's so easy to stay comfortable, to live a life you feel familiar with.  It's easy to ace a life of misery, just settling, comprising, taking what you can get.

But, it's an Art, it's a discipline, an act of devotion to choose to do things differently.  

And you Queen, GET TO BE that very source, claiming fulfillment, pleasure, joy, luxurious days filled with abundance, languishing in the joy of being alive and in this body temple!!!

$1300 USD

Full Price $2222


4 monthly payments

4 x $325 USD

I'm on this path!
Early Bird Offer


Something happens when women come together in this work.

Not only does your body REMEMBER, but that same knowing and understanding pulses between the hearts of the women that come together in this space.

There is nothing else like it.  It's one of the sweet nectars of this life experience and one of my favourite reasons I love this work so much.

2 FOR 1

$1300 USD / 2

2 x $650 USD

2 monthly payments

4 x $325
(between 2 people)

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