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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

The Pleasure Prophecy

In alignment with Self, you find Liberation.

In this frequency, you have access to the infinite realm of possibilities.

This is an invitation to soar this frequency of FREEDOM, unleash you inner wisdom, harness the power of your ancestors and the wise souls who have walked before you

And begin living this unconditional life you are here to live.

Forest Landscape

The Pleasure Prophecy






Starting early November!

Image by Roman Melnychuk

What will I gain?

In 3 months time

You will focus on 3 cornerstones of development

1) Self Love Practices

2) Sacred Sex Practices

3) Sprinkled with support on how to weave this all into your biz

Because we are the Sisters, we are here to empower the women of New Earth rising, with the ancient practices of blood lines past.

Image by Isi Parente
Self Love

Self Care Practices

Live an unconditional life.  No matter what life throws at you (which quite honestly, is it ALL), develop resilience and practices that will help you navigate the ups and downs with grace.  Find even more Love, Bliss and Joy in daily life.

Image by Ava Sol

Sacred Sex Practices

It's time to feel comfortable in your skin.  You are human.  You are divine.  Discover these Sacred Practices, passed on by lines of women; healers, wise souls, leaders here to anchor a depth of life.  Discover these practices to find connection to your Divine Guidance & Intuition.  Access your power through your Womb Wisdom.  

Image by engin akyurt

Business Strategies

You are walking alongside a frontline of powerful women, from past and present.  Learn how to take these teachings and share it with other women, here to shift the world.  Discover how to teach these within your business.

Desert Nature

Zoe, Massage Therapist

"Just saying, this program... has led to deeper more fulfilling conversations and connection with my husband than I've EVER had.  And I'm a DEEP conversation haver in general.  So much gratitude for Meg right now, and all the gracious women (in the group) sharing, witnessing and participating so openly."


Stacey, Entrepreneur

"Meg is one of the most amazing mentors that I've had the chance to work with. She takes the extra time (even outside the course) to make sure we are doing the work. I am so grateful for Meg coming into my life so randomly. I cannot recommend Meg enough. She is genuine, down to earth and has the ability and strength of a leader. "


-Emma, Artist/Vocalist

"When Meg came into my life I had been doing deep work for a long time and was reaching a point where I could really use some assistance. I am SO glad that I decided to jump aboard with the (program). It has assisted my growth in unimaginable ways and helped me to fine tune areas I didn't even realise were in need of attention! The sacred sexuality practices have been so beneficial and are aiding me so much on my journey to a more full sense of self love. I would highly recommend Meg's courses "


Corrie, Fruitful Embodiment Coach

"Meg holds such divine sacred space to feel safe, held and witnessed. I loved all the potent truth she bought into my field and found my own journey to be very deep during this container. I'd highly recommend this to any woman and I feel it is something that all women deserve to venture through. Thanks Meg for this juicy delicious journey."

Is this for me?

For the Goddess who:

✨ wants to break rules because the rules aren't serving humanity right now

✨ is counter-culture

✨is rebellious

✨ has a big voice

✨ is never the silent one

✨ a disruptor

✨ is a creatress

✨ pushes boundaries

✨ fires up the group

✨ is a visionary

✨ is connected to nature & her rhythms

✨ desires to live on the land

✨ loves to move (physically & in her body)

✨ has deep ancestral connections & connections to Goddess'/Priestess' past


Coffee in Nature

Starting early November!  

Message me with inquiries or to discuss a 1:1 option

Image by Basil Smith

Each MONTH you will receive:

Two training sessions

One group Discovery Call

1 x 1-1 Coaching Session


Private group chat for daily support

A community of Sisters walking the same journey

Weekly Self-love practices

Thank you Meg for the tools you've provided!  I am using them often and will continue long term.  I have even started doing some with my kids and husband!  You have touched our entire household.

- Marcie


Meg's expression of knowledge is soul speech.  It feels like Meg draws from the same source as many of our great mentors, and the taste is one of upliftment and unfoldment into our greater good.  

- Jason

I am excited to have a manifesting dreamer coach me on my visions!

- Rebecca

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