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Sacred Sexuality Transformational Workshop

A Free 3-Day Transformational Workshop  Sacred Sexuality: Know Your Body, Know Your Power

Friday, March 25

Saturday, March 26

Sunday, March 27

3pm-4pm EST

8 am-9am NZT

8pm-9pm UK

Live your life in connection to your wholeness.  

Your sexuality is your Power.  

What's holding you back?  


Presented by Meg Williams,
Sacred Pleasure & Embodiment Teacher

Join expert Meg Williams, certified through Global Association of Holisitic Psychotherapy and Coaching, specializing in Sacred Pleasure Practices & activating and aligning clients with the  Divine Feminine Path to live a wholesome life, fully expressing who they came here to be!

A Sacred S.x Oracle, Professional Teacher of 10 + years, Advanced Yin Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and Energy Medicine Healer.  Experience the transformative power of her work and embrace the person your came here to be, in all your Power!

In this workshop we will cover

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I knew I was holding some deep shame and yet I couldn't quite quit the pattern. With Meg's incredible space holding and nurturing presence I felt a subtle yet very large boulder shift in my field.  I am so deeply grateful to work with Meg Williams and have noticed immediate shifts in my body, business and pleasure.  I felt like I was so seen that I could finally gift myself permission to BE ME!!! Meg's work is priceless and potent AF.

CJ, Alchemical Medicine Woman
New Zealand

Image by Mathias P.R. Reding

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"I love, love, love and adore your skills to fully have clarity and structure and fully get to the point of things.  You are amazing at being concise with your information, and what you can see and the wisdom you extract.  Boom.  Straight to the point.  You have a beautiful spiritual ability and vision and insight.  I've just been processing our session from yesterday and I am just like, "faaaaack, that was powerful"."


Meg holds such a divine, ethereal space.  I have had two Breakthrough Sessions with her and both times I have walked away astounded buy then insights that came through.  The wisdom was nothing like I had expected and yet it made so much sense and opened up incredible space for me to move forward.  Through her expert guidance I was able to journey and weave my conscious through multiple planes and dimensions in a way I have not ever experienced before.  This helped me to heal and embrace a profound understanding for some very important aspects of self.  This has left me strangely liberated and able to pave a clearer path forward in my business and with my husband.  What I love about Meg's sessions is the feeling of safety and unconditional acceptance.  This has allowed me to delve into topics and intimacies I have not dared to explore previously.  And that is a beautiful thing.  Thank you Meg.


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