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Spark of Seduction

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It’s no secret we all have these patterns we drop into, I call them The D’s: doubt, depression, disenfranchisement, disapproval and/or devastation.

It’s ok, we’re only human. Generally, you probably have one you ride the throne of!

For me, I am the absolute Queen of Disenfranchisement. It actually starts with disapproval. In my disapproval, I completely disenfranchise. I don’t want others to feel my turn off, I don’t want to project my turn off. So I cut myself off, I isolate myself from my community, from my sisters. I no longer fit in, because of my own disapproval.

And all of it stems from this deep rooted fear of abandonment and rejection. I’ll isolate so that I’m not rejected.


But guess what Queen! We operate in a world beyond the 3D now. And you can think you’re avoiding rejection—but the energy gets projected merely by removing yourself. In that very act, you perpetuate the cycle. By thinking you are the outcast, you make everyone else the outcast.


What do I mean? You see, the Queen of Disenfranchisement is actually the ultimate ‘fugg you’ to her sisters and peers and community. She’s a collllld bitch. You THINK you’re doing yourself and others a favour.


When you isolate and ghost your community, ghost your friends—they feel it. They end up feeling rejected themselves. They wonder why you’re such a cold bitch. Did they do something? Why have you left them in the cold you absolute Ice Queen of Disenfranchisement?! They feel the break up—even if temporary. You’re pushing them away.


So instead, when you know these patterns about yourself, you can keep them from overriding your life. You can actually stay in control and cut the cord BEFORE you spiral out.


YOU are always the one in control of your turn on. And yes, that means you have to take responsibility.


How do you override these patterns? How do you pull yourself out of the pit—this is what I teach. This is how I get to serve you Queen.


For myself, I’ve created my Emergency SOS (Spark of Seduction) List to tempt my Queen back into her turn on—because when I am


in my turn off I literally forget all my hot tricks (and yes, that happens to you too. Imagine if you’re constantly living there what you are missing out on…)


I so desire to share this with you, so you can stay plugged into that Spark of Seduction (SOS) in your own white flag moments.

Drop a below if you want to copy of my Emergency SOS List.

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