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~Alice Through the Looking Glass ~


These aura glass beads are mesmerizing, like looking into a crystal ball


When Alice travels back into Wonderland, she steps to the other side of the mirror (into the reflection) where everything is backwards; moving away from something gets you closer, running gets you nowhere, make believe characters come to life.


Sounding a bit familiar?!


The essence of these talismans are to gaze into these beads, and in your reflection see your TRUTH! Break free of this Mad World and see your REALITY, in all it’s beauty, in all it’s truth!


(Again, the photos don’t quite capture the magic of these beads! Notice in the first two shots, the oranges and reds are literally the reflections of the Fall trees )


There are FOUR necklaces available; TWO in choker length and TWO sitting lower to mid chest


I’m SUPER excited about these magical pieces, you could literally get lost in time with these beads.


Are you Alice trapped in the backwards world?! Claim your necklace and come back to YOUR magical reality.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

  • Aura glass beads

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