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~Fields of Purple Asters~

Aster flowers are a daisy like flower and represent wisdom, love and hope.


Right now, Canadian fields are roadsides are full of these luminous flowers.


Astraea was a Greek Goddess, who one night looked to the starry sky and shed tears because she saw so few. These stars fell to Earth, and where they landed, bloomed the star-like Asters.


Next time you gaze upon a field of wildflowers, know their beauty is made up of cosmic tears and stardust, planted here on Earth.


Gazing upon these flowers, realize the centuries of wisdom around you, and feel the reverent love and gratitude that we, with our eyes, get to witness.


In this necklace lies the wisdom, love and hope of the asters and their history.


~Of the Earth and the Cosmos~



  • Green titanium quartz, yellow titanium quartz, amethyst

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