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Raw Cut Angel Aura

Have you ever noticed how children are so naturally attracted to Quartz!?


Like the child, if you are too, your aura and energy field is energized with clarity and your attunement to your intuition is strong. Your energy is picking up on the pull of energy to this form of matter (radiant crystal) that is recognized as the incarnation of the Divine.

This necklace is perfect for enhancing your spiritual development and innate powers. As well, let the beauty and purity of this stone keep magic spells at bay; no darkness will dare challenge the power of this Light!


This necklace, raw and real, as a testament to your embodiment of the Divinity through all of time


The alchemy of this stone only serves to enhance the original attributes of the Quartz


SKU: 364215376135199
  • Raw cut Angel Aura Quartz

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