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Green Tara


This one oozes so much HEART, and so much absolute connection and appreciation for the Earth (from the Heart).


Do you often find yourself standing in absolute reverence for all that our natural environment provides us? Does the pain of destruction of the environment reach you, directly from the roots of the plants, and trees, and flowers, to your roots (you are One family) so that your emotions, your body, FEELS the upheaval? Then your HEART is connected with Green Tara.


Green Tara~she of a thousand stars~ has descended from the cosmos to help us here on earth to live in a divine partnership with our natural environment, so that we can live at a higher frequency of experience of Love, Light and Joy.


If this cosmic code strikes a heart string, Green Tara is likely one of your Ascended Masters supporting you in your growth and evolution.


Wearing this talisman will enhance your connection to her guidance, to her voice, and to your capacity to co-create Heaven on Earth, Now.


~Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha~


Stones: Green Ocean Jasper slab, green titanium quartz, Green African Turquoise, Ruby in Zoisite

Green Tara

  • Green Ocean Jasper slab, Green Titanium Quartz, Green African Turquoise, Ruby in Zoisite

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