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Shades of White Stone
Earthly Creations for the Mystic Goddess

~One of a kind crystal creations~

~Each with a channeled message~

~Each necklace cleansed under the cool light of the Moon~

~Each piece infused with love & postive intentions before it's sent to you~

These necklaces are about making energized crystals wearable talismans that enhance the intentions of the wearer.


The crystals sit under the cosmos & are purified by the light of the moon. They are purified, cleared and ready to embrace your new intentions.


Personally, I used to dislike any crystal that was altered from its natural state, I loved the rawness of nature.


Yet, in these collections you'll see Titanium quartz is heavily integrated.  The stones appeal to me in that they literally go through an alchemization process with the aid of a human, enhancing the natural qualities of the quartz with rich elementals of platinum, gold, silver and titanium. Pretty amazing really, and I love that it completely aligns with the HUMAN CAPACITY FOR TRANFORMATION.

Crystal Channels