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The Isis Earrings


These tangerine quartz crystals just scream delicious Isis energy when I’m working with them. The orange sacral energy makes my womb pulse!!!


These earrings embody the sensual, bodacious, regal, creative energies of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Isis is considered the Creatress of All Life. The Goddess who births New Worlds through the very words she utters. A spell casting, energy woman, one of the most revered Creatrixes of all time.


When these earrings tinkle by your ear, it’s like hearing Isis’ whispers reverberate through your very Being. If these call to you, if Isis is an ancestral teacher of yours, who you often feel by your side...these may be your crystalline match!


IG: @the.pleasure.prophecy


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  • Tangerine Quartz

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