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~Lauku Mate~

Field Mother

“My dear Earth, my mother, sustain me, feed me.”

Through energy, sustenance...feeding thy body, and thy soul.

Feel your connection to Lauku as you stumble upon that wide open meadow. 

When you see the matted down grass where a deer 🦌 has passed the night.

Mottled with stones, and beds of spongy mosses.

That deep longing in you whispers, rest here Earth child.  And so you do. 

Back to the Earth.  Connected.

Eyes to the sky.  Connected.

Where you lay.  Nothing more to do, but just be.

Receiving the medicine of Gaia, through visions and whispers of the wind.



Lauku Mate

$60.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
  • prehnite, ocean jaspers slab, ruby in zoisite

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