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The Third of a Series


This powerful voice of the female, etched in Time. Honoured and revered for speaking on behalf of her Beloved, and shining the Light on Truth.


She is Power & Grace, and absolute Love. Driven forth by Purpose & Knowing.


The stones in this necklace represent her Golden Heart, where the Wisdom of her Beloved can always be accessed.


The Green Heart , representing her limitless Love for Truth and Humanity.


And the red Garnet, her Divine Feminine. Her Sacred Wisdom. Her sacral creation. Her sensual connection to her beloved, in Union with the Sacred Masculine, opening the flood gates to her infinite wisdom.


And absolute Respect, for living her life, in Truth, and in Voice.

Mary Magdalena is the integrity of the Divine Feminine.

Mary Magdalena: 3

  • Gold titanium quartz, vessonite, garnet (3 types), hematite

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