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The epitome of gratitude, love and service.


She represents soul consciousness and is capable of the strongest and deepest connection to Source.


Through her Divine connection to Source, she stands in her Power and releases the untruths written into experience to generate peace and grace!


As your soul aligns in innerstanding you are open to wealth, life and love! All that surrounds you.


Mary Magdalena activates the FEELING tone of PEACE in your BEing; service without FEELING is incomplete!


When the human BEing goes through the cruxifiction of Self, the soul remains to befriend and help, Mary to Yeshua. The Soul remains constant and true and when you are reborn, resurrected from constraint, when the cracks of life break through, the SOUL FEELS the Light first!


Activate your FEELING tone of Love...of Life!


The most powerful constant.

Mary Magdalene

  • vessonite, garnet, hematite

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