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She who represents the ‘soul’; that when we serve the Divine daily in our temple (body), we prepare our soul for its highest life.


The Divine Mother of All Love.


Our Intuition


She conceived Yeshua, the Christed Child, in the nature of the soul (Intuition). He, who was conceived first as an idea of the mind, and matured by the soul!


The soul BELIEVES the miraculous is possible, and sees it through to fruition!


This necklace is for the person who believes, with pristine clarity, in Abundance and Truth!


You are a cosmic alchemist, just like Mother Mary, who is able to manifest anything that is required; abundance for families, to serve others, to power personal projects or for the future of the planet we stand on!


Mother Mary decrees that you sing tones to create a powerful harmonic propulsion, through the heart, to accelerate and amplify the work you do!

Sing the joyous song of life! The resonance, matched with the vibration of these stones will amplify your manifestations.


If you simply BELIEVE!


Mother Mary

  • moonstone, hematite, garnet, howlite

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