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Mother of the Starry Skies


She reflects to you the eternity of the cosmos.


She is the keeper of the unconscious. Among her the energy of our ancestors fill her body, the twinkling stars of the Milky Way, awaiting their resurrection.


It is in her realm, the vast cosmic ocean, where there exists no polarity. Everything floats freely, free of contrast. Nothing to do but BE.


So this is her message to you.

We all exist as sparks of eternity, a journey of life manifesting an experience of our own free will.


This journey, like the eternal Ouroboros, Nuit promises us that we are of her, and so will live through her, to one day return to her.

And we are always, ALWAYS protected and surrounded by her.


Mantra: The Universe and the Wisdom of the great Cosmic Ocean are always supporting me.


If Nuit lights a knowing within your soul, she awaits you.


~With Love~


The combination of Silver Ore and magical moonstone is potent, both crystals of manifestation, Divine feminine energy...and naturally, connects their wearer to the Moon and Cosmos. Nuit flows through the energy of this necklace



$45.00 Regular Price
$31.50Sale Price
  • Silver Ore, Moonstone, white Mother of Pearl

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