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A Goddess of the Dawn


Ostara who was said to be reluctant to bring the Light.


And for that was reprimanded.


She is also said to embody the spirit of resurrection.


Sometimes, when we struggle to SEE or WELCOME the Light, when we choose to sit

in darkness just a few moments longer...


Those times when we feel the Dawn won’t come, when really it is just on the other side of letting go, and allowing the Dawn to Rise.


In that moment of surrender, we welcome in the possibility of Light.


The light peeps through, and our awakening breaks.




A new day.


New possibilities.


There’s no reason to be put on the cross for embracing the moments that transpire your growth.


Ostara. Resurrection! The Dawn of a new day.


  • Aura quartz, ocean jasper, blue apatite, hematite

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