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Goddess of the Beach Sands


Psamathe comes through with the feeling tone of simplicity. The fulfilling pleasure of complete simplicity.


She is a nereid goddess, a sea nymph.


To get lost with Psamathe is to get lost in the feeling tone of an afternoon lost in the delicious time spent with the beach shore.


Ambling up the shoreline, aware of the feeling of the warm sand below your feet. The feeling as it sifts between your toes.


The feeling of having your eyes scour the shoreline for its abundance of treasures. The stones that glimmer just right, calling out in their radiance for YOU!


Where a full rainbow spectrum of seashells can be collected.


The glimmer of sun as it twinkles off the millions of ripples across the sea top.


The feeling of a wave washing up, over your feet, to your ankles, little splashes kissing up up your leg.


Maybe a little piece of seaweed wraps around your leg, the seas playful way of begging you to “come play with me.”


This is Psamathe. The playful nereid, Goddess of the Beach Sands.

Where time can be lost, but experience, pleasure, adventure are gained.


  • Jasper, hematite, gold titanium quartz, jasper mookaite, tiger's eye

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