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~Quan Yin~

Tender Strength.

Quan Yins voice resonates through the energy of this stone as she reminds you that she is here in this realm to see that you, and all souls can reach enlightenment.

She surrenders her entry to Heaven, to be with you here.

With tender mothering energy, she shares mercy, compassion and understanding with the wearer. Like a compassionate hand placed on your back.

She reminds you, you have the power to see to fruition whatever it is you seek.

Like Mary Magdalene with her Alabaster Jar, Quan Yin, too, holds a vase. From it, she offers you the Waters of Life. The bronze quartz, like a young bough, sprinkles the sweet nectars of Life through your being.

The energy of this necklace is, “you are so deeply supported.”

Quan Yin

  • Tangerine Quartz, Pink Aura Quartz, Pink Opal, Morganite, Hematite

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