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Assistance from the Angels of the 7th Ray


These beautiful amethyst crystals hold a beautiful Golden Heart at their core. Utterly astonishing. Can you see it?!


The Violet Flame is a powerful healing tool, protected and guided by the Ascended Master St. Germain. The Violet Flame was also commonly used in the ancient civilization of the Golden Atlantis.

As we embark on the emergence of the Harmonic Convergence this Dec. 21, the entry point into a new era of Aquarius, guided by the Air element.


Life herein will flow with Ease. Watch your abundance, Love and manifestations arrive ‘out of thin air’.


We now have at our access the Gold & Silver Violet Flame. This is an enhancement of the original Violet Flame. We now have the dispersal of negativity from the Violet Flame, but also the Harmony & Grace of the Silver Flame, which replaces the space of the transmuted negativity. The Gold Flame of Wisdom enhances the Beauty that Harmony and Grace activates.


This crystal acts as a talisman, or symbol, as a reminder that you have the power to invoke the Gold & Silver Violet Flame.


Mantra: Violet Flame, please illuminate my path forward so that I move forward on a journey of Harmony and Grace.


~With Reverence & Gratitude~

Violet Flame

  • Amethyst with golden heart

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