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Presented by Meg Williams,
Sacred Pleasure & Embodiment Teacher

Meg is  a woman’s Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator.  She is here to activate the Magdalene’s and the pleasure priestesses of the Goddess lineage. She teaches the sacred truth of sexuality, bringing women home to their source. From this remembrance, they open their channel to the Goddess, in alignment with their intuitive guidance (and GPS—great pussy in the sky) and reclaim a life of pleasure, turn on, joy and vitality.

Meg is a certified Holistic Life & Business Coach through the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy. As well as a certifying Pleasure Coach through Regena Thomashauers New York School of Womanly Arts. She is a Doula & Holistic Reproductive Practitioner.


She guides women through the teachings of sacred sexuality as a means to access their astral wisdom and divine guidance through spirit. Women are a channel of the Goddess, accessed through her womb connection. ​ In the past two years, she has worked with hundreds of women, in person and online from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the US and Canada. She has witnessed this massive wave of empowered women stepping into such powerful, creative expressions of their TRUTH.


Indulge in a tantalizing journey of abundance and pleasure with "Turned On Money: Turn Up Your Money Mojo" — the ultimate seduction for savvy female entrepreneurs ready to unleash their financial prowess.

Picture this: Each day, you'll indulge in a sumptuous feast of pleasure practices designed to ignite your business and sales like never before. We're not talking about ordinary strategies here; we're talking about dousing your sales in turn-on—infusing every transaction with the irresistible allure of desire.


Join us in this vortex of abundance and sensuality, where each day brings new opportunities to revel in the pleasure of prosperity. From sultry affirmations, seductive visualization exercises, or straight up turned-on embodiment-- you'll learn to harness the power of pleasure to manifest your wildest financial dreams.


But this isn't just about making money; it's about making love to your business, infusing every transaction with passion, intention, and unbridled enthusiasm. So slip into something comfortable, pour yourself a glass of your favorite libation, and prepare to be swept away on a journey of financial ecstasy.

Let's get curious, what could be possible if for ONE MONTH...EVERY DAY....we poured turn on into our sales?  What could we create!?!  This is the realm where we make the impossible possible, where we step into living what is even better and wetter than you ever imagined possible!


Are you ready to turn up your money mojo and step into a world where pleasure and prosperity go hand in hand?


If so, then join me and the juiciest community of Goddesses in "Turned On Money" and prepare to be seduced by the allure of abundance.


This vortex will be the hottest community you've ever slipped into.  This is an at your pace challenge.  I'll be dropping your practice into the community daily, which you can catch at your convenience.  

This is for the self driven, kinky biz whore whose so ready to have fun, give her all, and serve her community....unabashedly!

Let's make this your best biz mpnth yet!

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I don't want to miss this month of Turned On Money!

$37 usd

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