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An Educational Program on the Menstrual Cycle and Moon Rituals

For Mother's & Daughters (Ages 9-16)

As a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, I work with women who are healing from the trauma that results from being misinformed, uneducated and detached from their reproductive health wisdom.

As Mother's, we can grow with daughters and wish they get to grow up informed--where we were left uncertain, unsure and very much alone.

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Moon Magic

Curriculum Outline

✨ Opening Circle

✨ Impact of Hormonal Birth Control

  • Taking Control of Your Reproductive Health

  • & Enriching Your Self-Esteem

✨ Rituals: 

1. The Sacred Waters

✨ Embodiment:

1. Painting as a Channel

✨ Closing Circle

Knowledge is Power

Your daughter is going to be an influence in the changing world.

 It's time we inform our daughters of their truth.

It's time we connect them to their bodies, instead of disconnect them.

It's time we GIVE them the connection to their power.

(And at the same time, step more deeply into yours!)

Meet Your Facilitators

Jacqui O’Connor, from NZ, is a Registered Nurse, Health Visionary and the founder of Heart Place Hospital which includes Empowered Period NZ and Pause for Menopause and Priestess School (formerly Beyoutiful young women) and so much more. Heart Place Hospital offers everything Jacqui wished had been available to her when she first looked for support and felt lost and alone, having jumped off the Mother Ship of conventional medicine yet felt adrift in a vast ocean of uncertainty. Jacqui has spent the past six years researching the cutting edge of what really makes people sick and what really makes our bodies ripe for miracles, and everything she's learned-everything she wish they had taught her in nursing and life but didn’t- Jacqui now offer to Healers and future Healers.


Jacqui is here to support humanity, guide, offer tools from her expertise, and hold space for the process, she will not “fix” anyone - for she does not believe anyone is broken and she holds the vision for all our wholeness.

Heart Place Hospital is on the mission to feminize the broken, outdated, patriarchal health and education system reclaim love as a healing practice, bring spirituality back to medicine, encourage people/healer collaboration, empower patients to heal themselves, and change how we deliver and receive health care.

Meg specializes in working with women from who are called to reconnect with the work of the Divine Feminine.  She supports women to activate their Inner Queen, through the exploration and embodiment of Pleasure Codes.  Meg's work is bringing feminine focused sex education to communities of women, which reignites their power, creativity and worthiness.


Meg is a certified Holistic Life & Business Coach through the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy.  In her work, women are guided through the teachings of sacred sexuality as a means to access their astral wisdom and divine guidance through spirit.  Women are a channel of the Goddess, accessed through the womb connection.

She is currently completing her Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner training with By The Moon Doula School.  

In the past two years, she has worked with hundreds of women, in person and online from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the US and Canada.  She has witnessed this massive wave of empowered women stepping into such powerful, creative expressions of their TRUTH.

Meg taught Grade's 3-6 for 7 years as an Elementary teacher in the Western Quebec School Board before coming to teach Primary in Ontario for 2 years.  She resigned her position to follow her mission and focus on bringing feminine focused sex education to her communities.  Part of her mission is to see that her two daughters, our young maidens, grow up with the wisdom and knowledge that was missing for her generation.

Full Program Details:

Who: Mother's & Daughters (Ages 9-16)

When: Friday, March 24th, 7 pm - 8:30 pm (EST)

/Saturday, March 25th, Noon-1:30 pm (NZT)

Where: Online Zoom Session

Join Our Online Moon Magic Event!

Attend from your own home!

Sponsored by The Heart Place Hospital

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*Covers the cost for both Mom & Daughter and all materials 

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