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An Introductory Sacred Sexuality Program to Tap

into Your Feminine Radiance

Sister, do you feel the currents of TRUTH course through your body like energy currents whispering YES, YES, YES.

Do you believe it is part of your purpose in this lifetime is to be a voice, to tell the stories that perhaps you were told to leave unspoken?

You know you didn't come there to play small, to stand silent,

You're here to play BIG, BOLD, and BRAVE. 

If this feels like your Truth, then Sacred Nectar is the Journey for you.

Let us discover with depth, what those currents that course through your body truly are.

The wisdom of Spirit.  Of Goddess.  Of your ancestors.

By honouring the sacredness of your female body, of your Yoni, by bringing to LIGHT, the power that you were told to hide, to shame, to abandon

You are here to reclaim your sovereignty,  reclaim your Truth, your Wisdom, your Power,


your MAGIC.

And for all those that in the generations behind, and before you.

You are a conduit for the Wisdom of Goddess Spirit, your power is to channel the Divine into the here and now.

When you honour yourself so deeply, through your sexuality, you can become this channel,

but you also open your body as a channel for these currencies of abundance to flow.

You become a living, breathing statue of the Golden Goddess.

Let us explore this over 6 weeks, discovering how the anatomy of the women functions as an instrument to open channels of abundance to flow through your physical body, anchoring abundance into your here and now.

Each weeks learning will include a Goddess Activation to govern that weeks anatomy and anchor the rich gnosis (knowing) that awakens.  This remembrance will be the first woven through your body, at a cellular level, through your sacred waters.

Golden streams of Goddess will course through your being.

With deep love, 


Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 11.07.17 AM.png

Meg Williams

The 6 Week Journey: 
Next Session begins end of August 


Week 1: Sacred Sexuality

This week we open circle, and activate our remembrance of sex as sacred.  What, how and why! We call our inner Goddess home.

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 1.32.56 PM.png

Week 2: The Clitoris

This week we look at the pleasure filled organ and celebrate the cherry on top, but also look at how this small, but energetically powerful organ begins to move life force energy to our crown.


Week 3: The Vulva

 Let's discover your anatomy and what it can tell you about your personality and approach to sexuality.  Celebrating your vulva, we celebrate your rare unique signature.


Creator of Sacred Nectar

Sacred Sexuality & Embodiment Coach,

CEO of The Pleasure Prophecy

Meg specializes in working with women who are called to REconnect with the work of the Divine Feminine. She supports women to activate their Inner Queen, through the exploration and embodiment of Pleasure Codes. Meg's work is bringing feminine focused sex education to communities of women, which reignites their power, creativity and worthiness.


Meg is a certified Holistic Life & Business Coach through the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy. As well as a certifying Pleasure Coach through Regena Thomashauers New York School of Womanly Arts. She is a Doula & Holistic Reproductive Practitioner.


She guides women through the teachings of sacred sexuality as a means to access their astral wisdom and divine guidance through spirit. Women are a channel of the Goddess, accessed through her womb connection. ​ In the past two years, she has worked with hundreds of women, in person and online from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the US and Canada. She has witnessed this massive wave of empowered women stepping into such powerful, creative expressions of their TRUTH.


Week 4: The G-Spot

By looking at the G-spot, we tap into a deeper understanding of your pleasure.  We will also explore the influence of your sacred waters and their transmission of wisdom codes.

Image by Danny Lines

Week 5: The Cervix

The Sacred Black Hole.  She protects the wisdom of the womb, and can also hold an abundance of pleasure.  A mirror to the throat, let's explore the depth of her impact.


Week 6: The Womb

The infinite space.  Where all life is birthed.  Where all creation is formed.  Where all wisdom enters the body.  And how sacred sexuality allows us to harness this power...of the Goddess.

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My heart & soul are ready to go all in!

$333 USD

*Your 'yes' is a sacred yes.  Please know that there are no refunds for this program.


I'm all in, but divinely aligned to work with payment instalments


$170 USD

Image by FLY:D


Thankyou Meg, Thankyou Jacqui so much for all your wisdom and love. This is one of the most amazing courses I have done. I have felt so many shifts within since starting this workshop, and I am extremely grateful to have taken part. Thankyou Jacqui for the prompt and the gentle nudge. I will be sure to recommend this to as many souls as possible. The whole world needs to become aware of this gem of a workshop.


I felt so uneasy as our faces left the screen (on our last call) and as I shed tears I saw through the blur to my cell screen, this is the time that we closed, 11:11. The Sacred Feminine reminded me this is how Special and Loved this work is. Thank you Jacqui for tackling Meg to share with us. You make a stunning combination. I’m most certainly am feeling the deepest of Gratitude and openness to Possibility. Please let there be more of this information and sharing.


Meg Williams, Thank you fellow Queen, Goddess, Sacred Embodiment Coach, for sharing what we cannot remember because we have been led far from the source of our own water flow, the tap of nourishment that we have so longed to find and feel a connection with. This feels like just the beginning and why not. I love that there is plenty of time, to begin again, to be gentle with my sense of urgency to understand. And as I explore, I can teach him, my own masculine energy and my beloved, that I’m learning how to receive, one delicious moment at a time, the information, images and a vision I cannot fully piece together yet, though with noticing, journaling/drawing, it will unfold and I may begin to sense and feel the more within what I experience


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