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A Night to Liberate Your Seductive Creatress

Image by Allec Gomes

A Night to Liberate Your Seductive 

Image by Allec Gomes

Join Facilitators, Meg  & Cait  for 4 hrs of juicy magic!

Something incredible happens when a woman makes the choice to step beyond the boundaries of comfort.  In that moment, she becomes The Goddess--the abundant, rich, empowered Creatress.

Beyond comfort lives her power.

This evening of seduction covers the energetics of Sacred Sexuality, where a woman's power source lives, where you can access and step into your core nature.  

The Goddess.  The Queen.  The Priestess.

It's that time of year where it get's busy and it can be such a challenge to stay in honour of your needs and desires.  

We invite you to join us in an evening of playful creation as a portal to embodying this energy, and to come --at this time of year--to deeply nourish your soul!

You'll leave feeling ready to take on the world (and survive the holidays!)

General Evening Itinerary:

*Opening Circle

*Cacao Ceremony: Heart Opening

*A Compassionate Embodiment Practice

*Understanding the Energetics of Sacred Sexuality & the Womb as our Portal to Infinite Abundance

*Dark Goddess Ceremony

*Art Embodiment (sensual creation of art and expressing self as an Art Form)

*Goddess Boudoir Photo Shoot with Cait

*Mirror Work

*Closing Circle

You will leave with your own erotic artwork, Goddess photo prints, a powerful circle of Sisters, and so much more!  This is the opportunity to remember the ancient temple priestess within!  Come play, lets get saucy and naughty and unleash your inner Aphrodite ♥️ 

We invite you to join us for this transformative experience.

(Perhaps this event is timely and can serve as some uniquely curated and delicious gifts for someone special  or maybe someone special wants to gift this for you!  Practice the feminine art of asking and receiving Queen! 😉 )

*We will be in our luscious lingerie for the evening, come wearing something that makes you feel your full Queen!  We encourage you to bring a sensual (or comfy)  robe to wear as well.

When Saturday, December 16th, 2023 ​ Where Otha Studio, Unit #350, 233 bd Sainte-Rose, Lav

*Your 'yes' is a soul commitment. Please know, we do not offer refunds.

The Space

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Image by Allec Gomes

Meet Your Facilitators


Meg Williams

 Lead Facilitator


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Join pleasure expert Meg Williams, a certified Pleasure Coach with Regena Thomashauer (author of Pussy: A Reclamation) through the New York School of Womanly Arts.  She also has her training with the Global Association of Holisitic Psychotherapy and Coaching.   I specialize in Sacred Pleasure Practices of the ancient erotic temple priestess & activate and align clients with the  Divine Feminine to live a wholesome life, fully expressing the Goddess they came here to be!

A Sacred S.x Oracle, Professional Teacher of 10 + years, and Energy Medicine Healer.  Experience the transformative power of her work and embrace the woman you came here to be, in all your Power!

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Cait Marie

Co-Facilitator & Photographer

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Cait is an ICF certified Somatic Coach I assist women who are looking to rebuild trust, connection and confidence with their bodies. Embodiment work is also infused in my work as a boudoir photographer of 10+ years. Through powerful intention setting and practice, my clients leave the studio with a new powerful perspective of themselves and a clarity about what and how they will embody the powerful intentions we co-create.

Image by Allec Gomes


Early Bird Special
(Ends Nov. 26th when it goes to $297)


Pay half now, half in December

2 x payments of $135

Image by Allec Gomes




Image by Allec Gomes

I came to the Workshop looking to find Peace within myself.  This evening in circle (...) I found the confirmation to go with the flow of life. I had so much fun and it was such a great chance to connect with like minded women.

Client, Belleville

I was drawn to The Unmentionable Art because I was feeling isolated and hadn't been pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I was sitting in the feeling of having to start over in my life.  I gained awareness of how important the power of group is if you're willing to be open and trust. It was beautiful to feel connections with others and be more aware of how each individual is going through something. It's powerful to know that we all can support one another as women.  

Client, Kingston

Joining Aphrodesia was very invigorating, rejuvenating and was filled with the deepest compassion for self and others. It was a heart centered way of healing and connection. Thank you for opening this space for others ♡

Client, Trenton

Image by Allec Gomes


Do I need to have a partner to do the program?

No, absolutely not!  This program is all about YOU, and tapping into the power of being sexy for no one else but you!  You are your own best lover, and finding inner union first is always the top priority.  This program is meant for you, and supports your own self love, self care and self pleasuring practices.  How it impacts and flows over to all other relationships is the cherry on top.

Is The  unmentionable Art worth the investment?

Just like everything in life, you get out of the experience what you put in.  You are a sovereign Queen, and you choose what you want to put in.  When you show up fully, choose to commit, do the deep work, shift non-serving belief patterns, get vulnerable, embrace the depths of self-responsibility--you will witness Divine transformations and expansion in your life.  At this event, between the deep connections you make with your soul sisters, and that you get 5-10 professional boudoir're really getting a bang for your buck!

Will The Unmentionable Art help me with my body issues?

This program is built to establish the foundations of living in your greatest Pleasure, your Queen, your Goddess, your Pleasure Priestess! Body issues are deeply woven into our cultural conditioning and belief systems.  This event will be one of the best way to heal body issues, because we look at Social and Cultural Conditioning that influences our shame, and begin transforming those conditioned patterns through love, compassion, and pleasure! Feel yourself seen, held and witnessed in such deep sisterhood, you do not walk this journey alone.  We integrate lingerie into this event for two reasons, first, because it may push us beyond our comfort zone, and it is there where we see huge growth and transformation.  And second, because lingerie can make us feel juicy AF! Remember, lingerie can look like a lot of different things!

I already do a lot of spiritual & energetic work and feel connected to my pleasure; will this be deep enough work for me?

As you well know then, the journey never ends, there is always more to discover!  This program will cover sexuality and pleasure in a way you have never learned or experienced it before.  You will REMEMBER fractals of you that were still laying dormant, you will have deep insights and breakthroughs.  You will uncover awareness that will bring to light your deeper powers to transform guilt and shame to exhilarating freedom.  In this session, you will feel so deeply supported to explore and open to greater realms of YOU.  This will be well worth your journey, this is another opportunity to expand your world!

I'm LGBTQ+, is this for me?

Everyone is welcome here!  Understanding the truth of sexuality goes beyond gender.  There are energies that flow within all of us, regardless of what gender we identify as.  When we begin to understand these energies, we become more attuned to our inner flow, our energy cycles, the polarities at play--and in turn become subtly adept to find union between these forces.  Here lies our pleasure!  This is a safe space for you to be seen, heard and witnessed--to heal from all the times you were not!

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