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Presented by Meg Williams,
Sacred Pleasure & Embodiment Teacher

Meg is  a woman’s Pleasure Coach and Sex Educator.  She is here to activate the Magdalene’s and the pleasure priestesses of the Goddess lineage. She teaches the sacred truth of sexuality, bringing women home to their source. From this remembrance, they open their channel to the Goddess, in alignment with their intuitive guidance (and GPS—great pussy in the sky) and reclaim a life of pleasure, turn on, joy and vitality.

Meg is a certified Holistic Life & Business Coach through the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy. As well as a certifying Pleasure Coach through Regena Thomashauers New York School of Womanly Arts. She is a Doula & Holistic Reproductive Practitioner.


She guides women through the teachings of sacred sexuality as a means to access their astral wisdom and divine guidance through spirit. Women are a channel of the Goddess, accessed through her womb connection. ​ In the past two years, she has worked with hundreds of women, in person and online from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, the US and Canada. She has witnessed this massive wave of empowered women stepping into such powerful, creative expressions of their TRUTH.


Step into your power and unlock the secrets of your erotic expression in this Erotic Revival masterclass!


This 90-minute masterclass is designed for the woman who craves a financial leap, yearns for deeper intimacy, or just wants to feel more turned on and alive in her life! 


 Join us as we dive deep into the transformative energy of your erotic essence. Learn how embracing your sensual nature can not only ignite passion in the bedroom but also open doors to abundance and expansion in your business and body.


Discover how tapping into your erotic energy can unleash your creativity, magnetize opportunities, and elevate your presence in all areas of your life.


It's time to reclaim your sensual power and experience the profound shifts that await when you fully embody your erotic truth.


Don't miss this opportunity to revitalize your spirit, reignite your passion, and unleash your fullest potential. Join  me for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and erotic awakening--and see how EASY and SEXY it gets to be.


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