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A sacred space for conscious women to meet weekly, and drop out of their heads and into their bodies!

This is for you if:

🌟 you crave access to my juiciest, most potent guidance and support

🌟 you’re a mess with accountability unless somethings on your calendar

🌟 you value and carry the belief that a woman’s turn on is her richest asset

🌟 recognize sensuality is the fastest route to the divine

🌟 you understand that women find their turn on in sisterhood

🌟 you value, seek, and crave the expanded energy created in an erotic coven of women

🌟 you desire a community of growth oriented women using erotic leadership to make massive impact in the world (billion dollar goals)

🌟 you are here to take up space

🌟 you seek experiences and opportunities that are uncomfortable—specifically to access the stretch & growth

🌟 you desire to be a part of communities that offer outrageous action & opportunities BECAUSE you are an outrageous goddess

🌟 you recognize that a woman in her turn on commands the room (and you are here to be seen, hear and expressed, and you seek spaces that will invite you to step up and show up EVEN MORE


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  • January 29, 2024


  • Meg Williams

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