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Caught in Self-Sabotage?

I have a #confession.

I completely tried to talk myself out of my #commitment to my growth, and in doing so stopped showing up for myself.

Earlier in the year, I made the biggest investment EVER (or so I thought, more to come on that) to my work by jumping into a Holistic Business School and Holistic Coaching Certification program.

Recently I found my conditioned self saying it was too big of an #investment. In all honestly, it has put my family in an uncomfortable financial situation. But, this level of commitment I was desiring required a level of uncomfortable commitment to Self.

It was a decision my authentic self said yes to.

And, one of the most important expectations I hold my clients #accountability. Nothing is going to change, if you don’t do the work.

Regardless of the price, the value I gain is priceless, and brings so much value in which I can be of service to my clients.

I fell completely fell into self sabotage. I wasn’t showing up in my trainings the way I should have been. I wasn’t remaining responsible to my decisions. I started to BELIEVE I had made a mistake. Therefore, I wasn’t able to remain grateful for what I was acquiring.

I started to tell myself ✨ I could do it alone ✨ I didn’t need the support.

It was total self sabotage trying to sneak in and take over. The support, and having others to work with makes it MUCH easier.

Commit to You!

So, realizing now that this was a commitment I made, I’m taking a whole new level of ‘showing up’ for me, for my commitments, for my beliefs, for my authentic self.

And, in my transparency, I also invite you to pause for a moment and assess your commitments?

Have you waivered in your beliefs? How can you come back to alignment?

One cannot reach their goals if they do not stay steadfast to their visions.

Are you looking for support?

The Rose Codes begins this week. How would 3-months of support feel as you in step into your Power? Are you ready to be held to the commitment of your expansion?

Are you ready to #rise?

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