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Death- Existing Elsewhere

In Aramaic, the word ‘Death’, means existing elsewhere.

As I reflect on this meaning, it’s relevance has such an impact on my life right now as I navigate the grief of losing my fur baby of 10.5 years.

If Death means ‘existing elsewhere’, when a soul passes, the body may cease to function, but the soul, the essence, all the Love that they were--is not gone, just merely ‘existing elsewhere’.

In my work, this ‘elsewhere’, this ‘space in between’ is where we practice tapping into. This is the space we can access our creativity, direction, Divine guidance—and it can also connect us to those Beings in that dimension.

Framework to Manage Loss in this Dimension

So, in this sense, those we have lost are still reachable in this world, if we choose to practice.

I choose to practice, because Death, and it’s devastation, is inevitable in this life...we are human.

This practice can also give us a framework to manage transition, while we are still here in THIS dimension.

As humans, we will encounter difficult and abrupt transitions.

Examples like,

Leaving a job; one day you’re working, the next day you’re not. And, just as easily, your ‘role’ has been replaced.

Miscarriage; one moment you’re carrying another Life, and in just a moment of time you’re not.

Even with technology, one moment you can have an entire document successfully completed, in an can disappear.

Or perhaps financial loss...

In these moments of dying, we can choose presence. We can choose to connect with the Heart, we can choose to be here. And in that choice, each time, we come back to life, in another way.

And in these ways of choosing presence, we can open our heart, and open a portal to the place in between, where our angels and guardians are there to guide us with their wisdom.

Our souls forever united.

And if you haven’t worked with me yet, this is exactly the Love we learn about between Mary & Yeshua...forever united in the Heart.

Ways to connect with The Space In-between

Some of the effective tools to connect with lost Loved Ones, Beings, Angels, Guardians in the 4th Dimension (or higher)


*Yoga (Yin or Yang practice)


*Sacred Sex practices

*Sacred Water rituals

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