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What is 'Sacred' Sex?

Let's explore the difference between what we've been taught, and the Sex Ed We Never Got!

In our lifetime, the conversation around sex has: --hurt, humiliated, denied, fractured, devastated, and assaulted--our divine connection to it.

As men and women, we have been deliberately disconnected from the reverence of : our bodies our pleasure our true nature.

Observing our education in the Western Culture helps us to see where, without our conscious awareness, our beliefs have been manipulated.

This leaves most of us living with a lifetime of beliefs that don’t actually align with our inner belief system.

And what a mess we are left with.

So here we find ourselves, likely feeling apathetic and aimless and frankly unwell, and society has us ACCEPTING these feelings as normal. This is your wake up call! The reminder that your power, and your pleasure are technologies to elevate your experience of life.

Take a look.

What are the current outcomes?

Cultural conditioning has us believing that if we are suffering, that it's normal, and we can just keep trucking on, if we are well enough to keep trucking on.

Let me ask!

How many women reading this experience menstrual pain, cysts, fibroids, abnormal pap smears, fertility issues or pregnancy complications? (and please share in the comments below)

Just to give you an understanding, hysterectomies are the second most common surgery for women in America, while surgery for pregnancy complications is the first.

How can we influence change?

This is the time where we MAKE THE CHOICE to say YES to our pleasure, to our Truth, and end our alliance with suffering.

As women (and men), we can choose to mend, strengthen, reclaim our Sovereignty, and our Truth.

And we do this with graceful strength by learning about sacred sexuality, by learning about the parts of our body that are meant to remain “unspoken” of,

by integrating—through practice— our pleasure back into our lives.

AND THEN BY TALKING ABOUT IT! With that sacred awareness.

So that we can filter this beauty back into our world!

This isn’t just a reclamation of your pleasure and power, but this may just save your life.

If this message resonates with you, please share in the comments below. How has the limitations of society impacted your health and mindset?

Or, for weekly conversations and powerful community, come join me in my free FB group, Women of Magdalene.

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