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This blend of rose quartz, citrine and mother of pearl screams LOVE amplified, or of that rich abundant field of Love that always surrounds us.


The Goddess Lakshmi speaks through these stones. As the Goddess of Abundance and Loving Kindness, Lakshmi is here to remind us of that we are naturally abundant; we just have to look at the fruits on trees, the rich colours in the world around us, fresh water, gardens, the air we breathe!!!


She is, as this necklace is, the energy of flowing feminine, that Love that is like the Love of Mama Gaia who is constantly flowing and offering her gifts to us.


As you wear this necklace, feel your heart expand as you express your Love back.


Mantra: I am in reverence of this abundance of Love that surrounds me.

Abundant Love

  • Rose quartz, citrine, white & grey mother of pearl, gold titanium quartz

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