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Recognized as a Celtic Goddess of Love


Aine is also a deity of Wealth, Sovereignty and Summer...a reminder of the greatness that lies ahead!


She is considered a Faery Queen; a Goddess of the Earth, of Nature and a Lady of the Lake.


She is also a Goddess who brings about the Meaning Of Love, in this sense she was a Pleasure Priestess of sorts, inspiring and birthing awareness around Sacred Sexuality. This entangled hardships of having to process the experiences where men misunderstood the Soul Purpose of sex, thinking just Pleasure was the Sole Purpose. Through her experiences she established her Sovereignty and developed the power of granting Karmic exchanges to people.


Aine is a brilliant midwife birthing more light and love to the world.


A Goddess who inspires Remembrance of all the Good that surrounds us Now, and inspires visions of what Beauty is yet to come!


  • Herkimer Diamond (double terminated quartz), Amethyst

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