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~Elixor of Truth~


Aletheia, the Goddess of Truth pours forth in the energy of this necklace.


The energy beckons you to disclose the truth of your philosophy, of your vision on life. Be firm in the disclosure of your reality!


What you believe becomes your reality


Be free from the oblivion of a false world.


The agate stones are a protective force and amplify your supernatural energy (remember, you are limitless, own your power!)


Wearing this necklace you will feel it’s positive energy.

The COOL powers of the stones will simmer, or transmute, the heat of your ‘ego’s’ desires so your TRUTH can spill forth in aligned expression.


This talisman is full of energy to enhance HEALING, INTUITION, ACCEPTANCE/EMBRACE of TRUE NATURE, LOVE and EVOLUTION of SELF.


  • Gray agate, angel aura quartz, amethyst, quartz, laboradorite

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