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She who gives strength to all things.


The Ammonite stone is connected to the root chakra.


Like the roots of a tree, Asherah births rich, opulent life force to all things. She ushers forth sustenance to all of humanity.


Like the roots of a tree, she anchors to the Earth. She floods into being the sustenance and nutrition of vitality. From nothing, she can feed the fruits of Life.


Those who calibrate to her vibration, her wisdom, can master the whole Universe.


She whispers, “you are cherished, you are held, you are one with I, and so you are flooded with boundless joy and bliss.”


Through my roots, drawn from the Source of all Creation, fuels the Tree of Life, the link between Heaven & Earth.


Eeeek! I cannot wait to see who this potent necklace magnetizes


The ammonite also activates the third eye, and calls in your spiritual guides. The spiral formation is said to clear and then re-open the chakras. Crystallized ammonite is said to cleanse & purify, and then the quartz drop is paired with it to enhance those actions, and then act as an anchor (root in!)



  • Ammonite, Mother of Pearl, Pyrite, Clear Quartz

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