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The message that this stones spoke of, was that of Technology.


Not your typical interpretation of Technology, but that of the mere human capacity to function as the greatest source of Technology.


The stone, Citrine, has to do with passion, inner fire , abundance...all in the sense that, right here, right now, in this dense form of matter, (the human body), you have the capacity to draw in, and embody spirit in a way that SPARKS inspiration, through passion propels your action, and in action, creates abundance and richness which will forever light your heart, the Golden Heart.


YOU are the greatest technology to your experience of a abundant and a rich life.


And this is where Athena, the Goddess of Arts and Crafts comes in to ignite your creativity so you can operate as your greatest Technology (in the construction of your LIFE, as you would have it, to build YOUR HEAVEN ON EARTH ).


  • Citrine druzy slab

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