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Magic is literally etched into the fibres of these stones.


This one boasts the energy of the Egyptian cat-faced Goddess, Bast

She was the Goddess of sorcery, beneficence, joy, dance and fertility; utter divine essence of sacred feminine!


This necklace and it’s energy is searching for it’s match, a Goddess who is a trinity of magic, playfulness, and humor. The sovereign woman who can land on her feet in any situation, always seeing the positive way through rough and seemingly crushing situations; like the cat, transforming through 9 lives (maybe even more!)


Of course, you likely have a feline as your sidekick, and obviously have a strong connection with the divine spirits of animals


Tiger’s eye is also great for nocturnal vision, like the evening cat at hunt. But take this quality as you will, in both the physical and metaphysical dimensions.




  • Tiger's Eye, Angel Aura Quartz, Titanium Quartz, Howlite

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