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The energy of this necklace came through undeniably as Cleopatra (I mean, without a doubt!).


Interestingly enough, ancient Egyptians believed lapis lazuli was a symbol of the night sky...and boy, has the night sky been busy these days (right?!?!)


Cleopatra represents such a royal figure, and was revered by her male counterparts for her capacity to ~honour everyone’s view~ A divine Goddess completely embracing perspicacious leadership! (What my dreams are made of.)

Just like it was believed in these ancient times, the spirits of the Gods/Goddesses inhabit the stones, so wearing this you will FEEL the divinity and power of Cleopatra. A regal piece, but still embodying the raw nature of the stones.


This necklace boasts strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth!


If this is the world you know you are creating, where everyone’s views are honoured and bravely respected/accepted....this necklace may be calling for you!


SKU: 21554345656
  • Lapis lazuli, titanium quartz, angel aura quartz

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