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~Silver Winds~


This necklace inhabits the silver energy of air, spirit carried on a lustrous stream of wind.


Air, like a fluid, holds the shape of it’s container. Spirit enters the body (the body as the container) through the breath, and with it carries the wisdom you are calling in. The alchemy of these elements anchors the wisdom in your body, your cells, your knowing!


~Aurae~, a deity, who rides the breeze through silver hills.

Her message is to float and soar, dance and swirl, cultivate your flow of energy and travel often (to gather wisdom of places as well as activities).


~Cool, Soothing energy of the iridescent Divine.~


~Stones are grey agate, angel aura quartz, and amethyst~


$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • gray agate, angel aura quartz, amethyst

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