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~Caer Ibormeith~


Celtic Goddess of Dreams and Prophecy.


She is a goddess of frequent transformation. A Goddess who would transform into a Swan, the spiritual representation of grace, beauty, love, trust and loyalty.


The swan also represents the Fae realm, full of love, purity, soul and music

A swan with a gold or silver chain is a Goddess in her transition through the thin veils of space.


Caer Ibormeith is a Goddess of strong integrity who made her own way in the world.


She was able to enchant her man by visiting him in his dreams, where she would play him music. Through works of the Universe, they found one another and lived a life of great joy and beauty. Their song together, one of transcendent beauty.


The alignment of their union was through his respect and honour of her in her full expression, in her full Be-ing.


She who rules her own life.

Caer Ibormeith

  • Titanium Agate, Howlite, Angel Aura Quartz, Mother of Pearl

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