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The Goddess of Justice, Natural Law and Order.


Seeing things in just black or white?!


Themis comes through with the power of seeing beyond the mundane veil of “just” the present.


She is often depicted in art as blindfolded, this symbolizes her foresight and vision for the future.


She leads with her inner wisdom, thinking beyond what appears to be the only possiblility, and the knowing that natural order falls into place.


~Through the cracks the light shines.~


She is a protector of family & community.


Mantra: I carry wisdom. My inner knowing guides me to my destiny. I paint my future through honouring my visions.

Themis you are a beacon of inspiration.


This piece awaits it’s vibrational match.


  • Black Lace Agate, Howlite, Angel Aura Quartz

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