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~Rainbow Hematite~


Everything energy wise has been coming through lately as ‘Protection’!


I’ve been pulling all the cards that my guides are protecting me, cards saying in my own power protect myself and family. I’ve been seeing my spirit guides (in animals—> ex. the bluejay) sending me messages around Protection. As properties around us are being cleared for development, my trees, who through their roots we are family on this land, cry to me for protection.


So, I made these. For any of you Rainbow Warriors, those who work through the frequency of Love, who help to be the bridge to see all the beauty hidden right before us....and how heart wrenchingly painful being a Protector can be sometimes...


These stones are for Protection, they’ll help to transmute negative energies. Help you ground in times of worry. They’re even known as EMF blockers.


(I should probably make a league of these.)


Rainbow Hematite

  • Rainbow Hematite

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