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~Life of a Mermaid~


The gold of the citrine matches the sandy beach, sunset rays and abundance of the soul.


The aqua and clear quartz resembles the hypnotic, lapping waves of the ocean, transmuting and clearing all your worries in the power of its water.


The voice of the first Mermaid, Atargatis, resounds in these stones.

She was a goddess who fell in love with a human Shepard and by accident caused his death. Her guilt and grief led her to drown herself in the sea.


Her love, and the beauty of her heart was so pure, the Sea could not cover her beauty, and transformed her into a Mermaid.


The message of Atargatis is to face our fears and darkest versions of self so that we can come to love and appreciate those parts of us.


Water represents emotions, and allow us to transform and transmute our energies. Atargatis when through a transformation as a result of her grief.


Life, like any expanse, can be mysterious and unknowing, but having faith, acting through pure love and compassion, you come into absolute Divine beauty.


This one is for the Mermaid at heart.



Life of a Mermaid

  • citrine, clear quartz, blue titanium quartz, howlite

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