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~Coventina~Goddess of Sacred Waters and Silver Streams~


Silver is the element with the greatest conductivity of electricity.


Let the energy of this necklace conduct all the positive energy and vibrations you are calling in.


Just like that, visualize streams of energy flow towards you in luminous silver currents as they merge with your energy and elevate!


Imagine these stones as talismans that are able to hold this energy for you so it’s there to enhance your day whenever you wear it.

[Know that your own crystalline molecules within your body, at a cellular level, have also done the same (but these stones are always present for you to elevate even further.)]


Coventina is a Celtic Goddess, and represents abundance, inspiration and prophecy...unmistakably aligned with energy of these stones. She is often depicted as a water nymph, reclined blissfully on a leaf in lapping waters.


If this is the FLOW you are intending in your life, this piece may be the match for you.


  • clear quartz, lapis lazuli, angel aura quartz

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