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Another version from the original, a longer edition, and so Divine!

To be kissed by the luminous glow of the moon.

To be flooded with the cool, calming, and peaceful codes of the Moon herself.

The Crown of the Cosmos.

From the Galactic Queen herself.

Let her message run through you, let her love and support flood through you like rivers of wisdom.

You are a Queen. You are a leader. You Light the way through The Darkness of Night, knowing the infinite treasures that can be found there.

Under the light of the Moon, in the darkness of Night lies the beauty of the stars, galaxies. Surprises around every corner, if you are adventurous enough to look.

The Moon asks you: Have you ever seen my beauty spread across the ripples of a lake? Have you ever seen my Light kiss the shimmering crystals of snow? How many times have you gazed upon me in complete Awe, whether I’m a sliver of myself or in all my fullness?

I, like you, hold the richness of the Universe.

In any phase of my cycle, I am still the Moon , the Crown of the Cosmos.

Mantra: I completely embody the Divine lumination of the Moon Now. I am Home, under her Light.

Crown of the Cosmos

$60.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price
  • gold titanium quartz, abelone shell

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