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To be kissed by the luminous glow of the moon.


To be flooded with the cool, calming, and peaceful codes of the Moon herself.


Codes written into the peaceful amethyst stones, cradling the glow of the moon.


Like those nights the moon peeps through the clouds, with an evening rainbow crown planted among the clouds.


Some cosmic world whispering hello, as mystical lavender skies spark through the passing clouds, whispering, “Here I am, the magic for you to see. Beholden by yours eyes, and FELT in your heart.”


Activated. Lavender moon codes.


Declaring, “This realm exists. Here I am.”


The Crown of the Cosmos.


From the Galactic Queen Herself.


Mantra: I completely embody the Divine lumination of the Moon Now. I am Home, under her Light.



Crown of the Cosmos: Lavender Light

  • abelone shell, amethyst

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